GunDay Sunday: Dove Season

This is my first and probably last season hunting the Rio Grande for Dove.  And yipers was it hot.  An NCO I work with had asked if I wanted to go.  We have not had the chance to go together but I made safe to get a shotgun, borrowed from my dear lady’s father.  Which would be illegal in California apparently!

So we went down the Rio and set up on the other side of some young mesquite that hid us and spread out along the Rio.  I had brought a box of 100 Shells, which was needed for my first time.  You’d think they’d go down with two shots but some of these blokes would still be picking to fly so there’s two way to go about this.  You pick them up and snap their necks or you shoot them before they can take off.  I did both a few times, some of those suckers are dead on the north side of the fence somewhere when I couldn’t get a second shot.

I have to say, an over-under makes for an easy conversation with the Warden.  Altogether we had 22 dove harvested that evening.  I personally took 8.  I had expected dove to be much bigger, so 16 dove breasts will equal about the size of a chicken breast.  I plan to make some raviolo and will need to go out again a few more times to accomplish that task.14333850_10155366493694498_1627761775738513078_n

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Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.
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Eine Antwort zu GunDay Sunday: Dove Season

  1. vmijpp schreibt:

    THAT is a great story! Well done! (Just don’t cook them „well done“.) Seriously, nice job and the eating will be well worth the work. And you’ll remember that for a long time. It’ll make you want to go again…


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